Our Services

When you work with us, we’ll put together a dedicated team that can handle your entire project or we can augment your existing team with specific expertise. We will accompany you through an exciting design-led process and help you and your business unlock opportunities.


What service design means to us

Service design is about looking holistically at every part of an organisation, finding the problems and then designing and making the solutions. Whether it’s a digital service, out in the world or somewhere in between, we look closely at everything from customer experience and employee processes all the way through to the background support systems. 


Designing a solution could mean streamlining a process, communicating an idea or prototyping and testing a new tool.  Most of all, it’s about giving everyone new ways to think, learn and collaborate. Everyone wins, especially your customers.

See How we helped Vodafone improve their employee experience.


A closer look at product design

Product design is about combining artistry with technical expertise to produce something that is not only functional but elegant. It’s about thinking creatively about how we interact both on and offline, and designing tools to make that process smoother and maybe more meaningful.


Our design philosophy is human-centred. This means we place a lot of emphasis on empathy and never losing sight of the real person that will be using your product. We’ve worked extensively on visual, UI and UX design and made digital products for people like L’Oreal, Groupama and Orange.

See how we helped Orange improve their employee experience.


Our design sprints

When you work with us, we’ll put together a dedicated team for a design sprint. Sprints accelerate the design process by having hugely experienced designers from different backgrounds come together and focus solely on your project.


No distractions, no other projects, no waiting around.
This is about getting results, testing them quickly and learning on the fly. It’s an exciting, intense process that allows everyone to truly immerse themselves in your organisation and make innovation happen.

You can use sprint teams for:

  • Tackling challenges in your working process

  • Co-designing brand new products

  • Making internal collaboration better 

  • Innovation and new ways of working

  • Making the ideas behind new products/services sing

And we’re just getting started.


See how we helped Allianz to better understand their users.


Workshops & training

It’s important to us that we leave your teams with something extra. Innovation isn’t static and upskilling and training are crucial components of moving your vision forward.


We’ve developed and led workshops with BNP Paribas sharing exercises and tools for thinking that allowed participants to visualise ideas, push their design thinking and test new models of collaboration. They’re pretty fun too.

See how we helped BNP Paribas to convert an idea into a tangible digital product in only 3 months.


Sounds interesting?