Envision the Vodafone

Store of the future


After repositioning its brand message "The future is exciting. Ready?” Vodafone is deploying its Digital Telco strategy.
In this context, Vodafone needs to redefine the end-to-end digital journey of its customers in the Vodafone physical shops.


Define the new end-to-end digital journey of the customers and prospects in the shops using co-design workshops leveraging the expertise of key  teams of Vodafone Group (Retail, Brand, Marketing, IT, Digital) as well as the main countries.


Co-design workshops (with management, corporate team and countries) using service design tools like empathy map, customer journeys, origami shop. Using the inputs from customer focus groups to understand pain points and opportunities in the existing journeys and test new concepts identified in the workshops.


New customer journeys presented to Vodafone's Comex for validation and deployment of new retail store concepts in countries. In addition, spatial and technical requirements have been identified to inform the design of the new retail shops.

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